Midwifery Care

Midwives work with low risk, normal pregnancies.  We believe in and offer informed choice discussion, primary care-provider and choice of birth place.  We help manage and care for you during your pregnancy (prenatal care) through your labour (intrapartum care), and up to 6 weeks postpartum for both postpartum person and baby/newborn.  


Informed Choice – Everything throughout your care is a discussion and choice.  Our responsibility is to give you information through evidence based research, guidelines and community recommendations.  We offer individualized and group formats to make sure you get the information and questions answered.  We also offer information sheets which highlight the risks, benefits, reasons for recommendations, and what is involved.  It is your responsibility to make a decision that suits you and your family, and take responsibility for the outcome of that decision.  This makes you an active participant in your care. 


Primary-care Provider – As your primary care provider for you pregnancy we can order normal testing, lab work, and ultrasounds.  We can consult with specialists if needed through out your care.  We see you for prenatal appointments on a similar schedule to any obstetrical provider however, also offer group care sessions as part of your care. We also offer care up to 6 weeks postpartum which typically includes 2-3 home visits in the first week, and clinical visits after that. 


Continuity of care means you see a maximum of 4 midwives throughout your care. This allows you to build a relationship with your midwife so when labour starts you have someone that knows you, and can support you and your wishes.  


We are funded by Alberta Health Services which makes our services fully accessible to everyone.  


Choice of Birthplace – In Edmonton area, you have the option of home (our favourite!), hospital or birth centre.  There are 2 birth centres in our community – Lucina birth centre, and Rinta Birth centre. We believe that people birth best where they feel most comfortable and relaxed, which is why you have options.


Frequently Asked Questions  – for more information about midwifery care and our values please visit these websites.