Mission Statement

Cardinal Community Midwives was started to provide care to the Northeast Edmonton communities, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and surrounding rural areas.  We specialize in military members and their families who live in Edmonton and surrounding communities.  We welcome families of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnic background, faith, family structure, and economic status.  

Our belief is that with guidance and information, pregnant people can intuitively follow their body and make decisions that are best suited for their family. We offer support through informed decision making, group care sessions and eduction to allow families to grow with knowledge and to embrace community support. 

Individual Appointment

Appointments are setup with your midwife or midwife team specifically.  We typically take clients into care starting at 8-10weeks (however, can take clients into care right up to your due date).   The initial appointment is approximately 1 hours long in person at the clinic.  

Prenatal appointments are typically scheduled for 30minutes unless you may need longer.  They are not rushed, and we are able to answer your questions, and discuss required topics with you.  Often, we have topics we are required to discuss with you.  We also review all labs, ultrasounds and testing at your appointments.    

The individual appointments are booked on the same schedule as many obstetrical providers.  There is a guideline to the most optimal time to see clients.  We plan to see you individually 1-3 times prior to group care starting, then 5 group care sessions (one per month), and around 34 weeks we will start seeing you every other week until you have your baby.  This means we start adding in individual appointments closer to end of your pregnancy between some of the group sessions.  

Postpartum appointments includes 2-3 home visits in the first week (but medical situations may mean adjustments to this).  Then we see you and your baby in the clinic between 2-3 weeks, 3-4 weeks and 5-7weeks. You are discharged out of midwifery care around 6 weeks postpartum.

Group Care

Cardinal Community Midwives provide group care sessions as part of your prenatal care.  These sessions are longer and more in-depth, where we discuss the required information plus extra information to prepare you for pregnancy, labour/delivery, and postpartum. 


 Abundant research indicates that good prenatal care is associated with better pregnancy outcomes.  We cover a lot of information that you will need to make decisions and understand your care going into your labour and postpartum.  The good outcomes of midwifery compared to mainstream obstetric care are in part because we give you so much more information so you understand what is happening when you are in labour, including when to call, and why we do specific things or don’t do them. We are able to have informed discussions prior to being in labour, when it’s more difficult to understand specifics. Poorly informed clients are far less likely to achieve their goals of positive, empowered, and non-traumatic birth. 



Group care sessions include 1hr- 1.5 hours of in-person information group sessions with other pregnant people.  After the group session we will do a short and personal 10min belly check.  During the belly check session, we do personal discussions, review lab work, answer personal questions, measure your belly, take blood pressure, and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. 

Call Schedule

As midwives, we work in many different formats to suit our clients needs and our own families needs. Cardinal Community Midwives plans to offer different formats for call schedules.  This may mean you have one midwives who works independently with other midwives covering for holiday times as needed.  This independent midwife offers you continuous care, makes sure all things you need are completed, and is the midwife you see for group care and prenatal appointments.  However, if this midwife is off you may meet or discuss urgent concerns until your midwife is back.  Typically your midwife is the one who is available and attends your delivery (unless unplanned situations arise). 


There is also many different types of shared care models or team models.  Where you may have multiple midwives as part of your care team.  Any one of the team of midwives may be the person you have at your delivery.  The goal is you meet and familiarise yourself with each member of your team through your pregnancy, so you know each one when you go into labour.  



Midwives are on call to you for urgent concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This includes things like labour, abnormal fetal movement, bleeding and illnesses. You will be given an urgent number to call for things that need responded to within the next half hour.   Clinical appointments, documents, lab results and all other normal pregnancy requirements are scheduled during regular business hours.  Each midwife sets their own clinical hours. We ask that you bring your questions to each appointment, or group care session to ask at that time. 

Birth Location Options

Cardinal Community Midwives offers a choice of birthplace including home, hospital and birth centre.

Home Birth – is a lovely option for the right candidate.  This is reserved for low risk pregnancies.  Research states that home birth with a midwife is a safe option for low risk pregnancies.  This allows you to be up and moving through your own space.  You do not have to commute to another location when in labour and after the birth.  Midwives bring the equipment required to set up similar to a level one hospital – medical equipment, medications and supports to allow for safe birth if something abnormal were to occur.  We keep homebirth safe by monitoring for pink flags, and recommending transferring into the nearest hospital if anything is abnormal or of increased risk.  Home birth is a great option for most families.  Water birth is a great method of pain management at home.  Some midwives carry TENS machines, peanut balls, and birth stools with them.  

We have privileges at Royal Alexandra Hospital – Lois Hole Hospital for women and Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital.  Both these hospitals are in the area that Cardinal Community Midwives specializes in and they both offer water birth.  

Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital is a level one hospital with on-call obstetrical and anesthesia support.  They allow water birth and have large birthing rooms.  They do not have pediatricians, neonatologist or NICU available. This is a great hospital for low risk pregnancies. 

9401 86 Ave

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

T8L 0C6

Royal Alexandra Hospital/ Lois Hole Hospital for Women – this is a level three hospital (which means it is the highest level).  They have anesthesia, obstetrician and neonatologist on site at all times.  They have immediate surgical availability if necessary.  There is a NICU for infant support.  They also allow waterbirth. 

10405 111 Ave,

Edmonton, AB

T5G 0B8

Lucina Birth Centre – West side Edmonton has the Lucina birth centre which is a lovely 2 room centre for birthing.  It is not staffed, and you are required to pre-register for your birth, plus call your midwife in labour to meet at the site.  There are tubs and showers available for water birth.  They have peanut balls, swings, TENS machines, medicine balls, birthing stools, nitrous gas and many options for supporting pain management and position changes. The Lucina birth centre offers tours regularly to see if this would be a good fit for you.


Rinita Birth Centre – located in St. Albert at the St. Albert Midwives Clinic.  This is a one room birthing centre, that has a tub, shower, bed, and medicine balls to support your labour options.  You need to pre-register and call your midwife prior to attending the birth centre.